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If anyone would like to take over this blog and post incidents of police shooting animals, especially pets, please let me know.



S.C. cop in trouble for shooting unarmed man: ‘Sir, why was I shot?’​

Video shows a South Carolina trooper shooting an unarmed motorist, as he reaches into his car to retrieve a driver’s license. The kinds of police shootings historically seen in big cities also seem to be happening more in small town America.


I’m looking for a “helper blogger”

If you’re interested in taking over this blog, please let me know. Honestly, I’ve found that it’s too depressing for me – someone who suffers from depression already. But I think it needs to be continued, so if you’re interested, contact me. Thanks.

Owners raise questions over alleged police shooting of dog

Owners raise questions over alleged police shooting of dog

“The dog’s owners said their one-year-old German Shepherd mix, named Apollo, had run out the front door of their house on the 8700 block of Beck Place around 2:20 p.m. and had returned to the front lawn when police arrived.

“‘I walked over and I tried to call him inside. The police officer had his gun out already,’ said Nicole Echlin, one of the dog’s owners. Her 6-year-old daughter walked with her.

“‘He started showing his teeth — that’s when the officer shot him,’ said Echlin, 27. ‘I didn’t know that was going to happen.'”

Animal police shooting gets national attention

Animal police shooting gets national attention

“When they arrived they say Kirkpatrick’s two dogs aggressively approached them.

“They say one backed off, the other, a yellow-lab, exposed its teeth and started growling at officers.

“’The officer felt like he was fixing to be attacked by the dog so he shot the dog,’ said Carlsbad Police Captain Jon Moyers.

“The dog died instantly.”