S.C. cop in trouble for shooting unarmed man: ‘Sir, why was I shot?’​


Video shows a South Carolina trooper shooting an unarmed motorist, as he reaches into his car to retrieve a driver’s license. The kinds of police shootings historically seen in big cities also seem to be happening more in small town America.

Killing of unarmed Missouri man draws criticism

Killing of unarmed Missouri man draws criticism

“An 18-year-old black man shot multiple times by a suburban St. Louis police officer was unarmed when he died, police said Sunday, as hundreds of local residents protested and a civil rights leader expressed outrage at the killing.”

No charges filed against Euharlee officer in fatal shooting

No charges filed against Euharlee officer in fatal shooting

“A previous grand jury had ruled that deadly force was not authorized. That grand jury had asked the district attorney’s office to take further measures.

“Cole Law, an attorney for Roupe’s family said they were stunned by the second grand jury’s decision not to bring charges against Gatny.”

Conflicting Stories on Fatal Police Shooting

Conflicting Stories on Fatal Police Shooting

“Two Texas police officers shot a Hispanic man to death in his home after pulling him over with “no lawful basis,” the man’s family claims in court.
     “The estate of Margarito Martinez Gallegos sued the city of Three Rivers, its police department, Police Chief Vance Roberts and Officers Monsies Robles and Noah Leuschner, in Federal Court.”